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The Clippers Restaurant 
Authentic Indian & Bangladeshi Cuisine
About Us
26 High Street, Penicuik EH26 8HW Tel: 01968 679977
The Clippers' Restaurant is part of an established group of award winning Restaurants - our chefs have been serving Edinburgh for a generation. The Clippers in everything you would expect from an authentic Indian restaurant and a good deal more. Choose from the full range of old favourites - or treat yourself to something new. Why not try some of our tempting fish and vegetable dishes? We only use the best ingredients and all dishes are cooked fresh on the premises. The very name 'Tall Ships' creates in the imagination, a vision of grace and beauty; yet, at the same time, an image of majesty and power as we remember the 'Cape Horners' battling their way around the great oceans of the world. Cresting these seas were the 'Geyhounds', the Clippers, such as Cutty Sark and Thermopylae, vying with each other to be the first home to Britain with the new tea crop. In those early days they flew over the seas as a bird goes - chartless; their crews revealed as passionate men at battle with the sea. Round trips for these ships took months and even years. Ships would wait for cargoes to be negotiated; there would then be weeks of back breaking loading and a lull before the trade winds arrived to spirit them homewards. Harsh disciple prevailed and creature comforts were few. Clothing and bedding would at best be damp, and at worst frozen solid. This was the world of 'The Clippers'