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The Clippers Restaurant 
Authentic Indian & Bangladeshi Cuisine
26 High Street, Penicuik EH26 8HW Tel: 01968 679977
A La Carte Menu
ACCOMPANIMENTS (Take Away Prices in brackets)
SABZI SIDE DISHES SAG ALO (D) £2.95  (£2.95) Spinach with spiced potatoes. GARLIC MUSHROOM (D) £2.95  (£2.95) Fresh mushrooms with fresh garlic, spring onions, fresh herbs and spices. CAULIFLOWER BHAJI Spiced cauliflower. £2.95  (£2.95) BRINZAL BHUNA £2.95  (£2.95) Aubergine. MUGHLAI SAG £2.95  (£2.95) Spinach MIXED VEGETABLE BHAJI £2.95  (£2.95) Dry mixed vegetables. MUSHROOM BHAJI £2.95  (£2.95) Mushrooms with fresh herbs and spices.   Mushroom Bhaji ALO GOBI MASSALLAM £2.95  (£2.95) Spiced potatoes and cauliflower. ALO MATER £2.95  (£2.95) Peas with potatoes. BOMBAY ALO £2.95  (£2.95) Lightly spiced potatoes Bombay Alo
TARKA DAL £2.95  (£2.95) Stewed lentils and split peas. MOSSALA DAL £2.95  (£2.95) Stewed lentils with green chilli and garlic BHINDI BHAJI £2.95  (£2.95) RICE DISHES Pilau Rice BOILED £2.50  (£2.50 ) Boiled Basmati rice. PILAU (D) £2.75  (£2.75) Saffron Basmati rice. SPECIAL (D) £2.95  (£2.95) Basmati rice stir fried with egg and peas. SABZI PILAU (D) £2.95  (£2.95) Basmati rice stir fried with saffron and mixed vegetables MUSHROOM PILAU (D) £2.95  (£2.95) Basmati rice fried with mushrooms. GHEE BHAT £2.95  (£2.95) Basmati rice fried in purified butter with onions.
SPECIAL DIET INFORMATION D Contains Dairy, G Contains Gluten, N Contains Nuts