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Penicuik Athletic
Established 1888
Friendly Games Season 2021/22 19.06.21 - Spartans vs Penicuik (cancelled) 23.06.21 – Preston Athletic vs Penicuik 26.06.21 – Bo’ness United vs Penicuik 29.06.21 – GalaFairydean vs Penicuik 03.07.21 – Penicuik vs Haddington Athletic 06.07.21 – Penicuik vs Peebles Rovers 10.07.21 – Auchinleck Talbot vs Penicuik
EAST OF SCOTLAND QUALIFYING CUP Round 1 Bye Round 2 TBA - Penicuik vs Hawick RAU SOUTH REGION CHALLENGE CUP Round 1 Bye Round 2 16.10.21 - Edinburgh College vs Penicuik Athletic SCOTTISH CUP
EOS League Fixtures Season 2021/22
Goal Scorers Season 2021/22
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Spartans friendly match on 19.6.21 has been cacelled.