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Penicuik Athletic
Established 1888


Tell me a bit about yourself (your background, likes/dislikes, music preferences, favourite food) Had a very good background growing up in Portobello so was always at the Beach or the pitz playing football with pals. Likes are football (obv) chilling, like going walks with music on. Dislikes getting beat at anything and time keeping (pet hate). Music I’m into a bit of everything tbh my playlist caters for all ages lol. My fav food is Chicken and veg and pasta love a Nandos Tell me a bit about your career in football. Played my whole childhood playing for Edina Hibs won every cup available at Juvenile level so was really lucky to have such a gd team. Played for Scotland Juvenile as well which was class experience for me personally. Came to juniors after 21s to Musselburgh where again was lucky enough to win trophy’s and leagues pretty much followed suit at Newtongrange when there I was selected for the junior Scotland team again that was gd experience for me. Spells at Haddington (loan) Selkirk (briefly) Dalkeith and now Penicuik. Which manager in your career influenced you most and why was that? Kevin Haynes tbh I was lost at Selkirk and he come in and took me from there and gave me new lease of life and let me play and enjoy football again esp at the age I was at as well. How are you enjoying your time at Penicuik? Penicuik is a massive club and a really gd club to be at. Im really enjoying it and the players are showing that on the park. I need to get back on the park myself lol. What is your secret for staying so fit? Tansey’s HIIT classes (ask the lads) Do you have any rituals before a game and if so, what are they? The morning of games i always go for a walk and have music on and at the game I always come out last from changing rooms Who do you admire as a football player and why? I’ve got 2 R9 and Arjen Robben R9 because he was a goal machine I loved the way he was so direct and winning 2 world cups ain’t bad either. Robben out and out winger and the way he looked after himself and cut in on the park and smashed it in the top bin most weeks was phenomenal. As one of the more senior players in the team, how do you encourage the development of the new young guys in the squad? I make sure they are always ready for training and ready to go on game day I lead by example on/off the park so I need them to follow suit, so when I do hang them up they are ready to take over and become leaders on the park. What do you enjoy doing out with football? I like going to things like mini golf or arcades ect as I’ve said b4 long walks with music helps me a lot and spending time with my 2 amazing girls Mia and Lily always have daddy daughter days Who is the strongest personality in the squad and why? I would say the skipper Summy and the Gent Mr Forbes both have been playing football long time and 2 of them i have alot of respect for and when they talk the squad listens. Who in the squad thinks they are a bit of a comedian? There’s a few but that Scotty Mcrory Irving has to b the one his banter is shocking but am glad he’s back coz we have missed him. Finally – tell me something about you that nobody knows about. I was once a model in a Next Xmas advert
Sean Stewart
Next Match -- Saturday 11.9.21 -- Round 2 East of Scotlsand Qualifying Cup-- Home to H\awick RAU -- Kick off 2.30pm