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Penicuik Athletic
Established 1888
CUIKIE BONUS BALL LOTTERY - 1ST DRAW - SATURDAY 2 MAY Due to COVID-19 putting our long running Penicuik Athletic Lottery into an enforced hiatus, we have decided to create a temporary replacement with the brand new 'Cuikie Bonus Ball' - It costs £5 to pick any number between 1-59, with the option to play as many times as you like! The prize is £150, with the value rolling over to the next week if no-one has the winning number! The draw will be conducted on the Saturday evening with the winner or winners being notified on the Sunday morning. We have been incredibly grateful for everyone's support of the lottery over the years, as well as the recent 'Donate a Ticket' campaign but would urge you only to play if you can during the current financial climate. HOW TO PLAY When you go to checkout, you need to enter your numbers on a note (the 'Add a Note' option is on the left side of the page). IF YOU WISH TO SET UP MULTIPLE WEEKS To set up the amount of weeks, set the quantity to your chosen amount then enter the numbers in the same method as above. IF YOU WISH TO PLAY MULTIPLE TIMES IN ONE GAME WEEK Once your quantity is chosen, enter each set of numbers for your tickets that week. DISCLAIMER: Any tickets purchased beyond 7:00pm on Saturday evening will not be entered into that week's draw and will instead be entered into the following draw. RULES: 1. Entries should be made online through . This page will be accessible directly and through links on all social media sites (This Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). a. By exception entries can be made by emailing or by private message. b. Entries made in this way should be paid by bank transfer direct to the club bank account (account number 00215524, sort code 83- 26-10). 2. Entries will be in units of £5 or multiples thereof. 3. Players should select a number between 1 and 59. Numbers are not exclusive and more than one player can select any number. 4. The prize will initally be set at £150 per weekly lottery. If the bonus ball has not been picked by a player then the jackpot will carry forward to the next draw. If more than one player has selected the bonus ball the prize fund will be shared equally by the number of winning entries. 5. The club will maintain records of entries from all sources for independent verification if required. 6. Any decision made by the club on the lottery are binding.