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Match Videos

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Penicuik Athletic
Established 1888
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Preston vs Penicuik 11.07.17 Penicuik vs St Johnstone 22.07.17 Dunbar vs Penicuik 01.08.17 Dundonald vs Penicuik 12.8.17 Hill of Beath vs Penicuik 26.8.17 Carnoustie vs Penicuik 16.9.17 Penicuik vs Broxburn 7.10.17 Kilbirnie vs Penicuik 4.11.17 Brechin vs Penicuik 2.12.17 Sauchie vs Penicuik 13.1.18 Penicuik vs Broxburn 10.2.18 Forfar vs Penicuik 10.3.18 Penicuik vs Camelon 31.3.18 Penicuik vs Carnoustie 21.4.18 Kennoway Star vs Penicuik 12.5.18 Lochee vs Penicuik 26.5.18   
Edinburgh vs Penicuik 15.07.17 Penicuik vs Lothian Thistle 25.07.17 Penicuik vs Linlithgow 05.08.17 Bo’ness vs Penicuik 16.08.17 Penicuik vs Bathgate 02.09.17 Penicuik vs Livingston 23.9.17 Broughty vs Penicuik 14.10.17 Penicuik vs Kilbirnie 11.11.17 Bonnyrigg vs Penicuik 23.12.17 Newtongrange vs Penicuik 27.1.18 Penicuik vs Hill of Beath 17.2.18 Penicuik vs Broughty 17.3.18 Tranent vs Penicuik 7.4.18 Penicuik vs Camelon 28.4.18 Penicuik vs Bonnyrigg 16.5.18 Penicuik vs Bo’ness 30.5.18 Tranent vs Penicuik 9.6.18
Whitehill vs Penicuik 18.7.17 Penicuik vs Spennymoor 29.07.17 Penicuik vs Newtongrange 09.08.17 Penicuik vs Sauchie 19.8.17 Penicuik vs Bonnyrigg 09.09.17 Penicuik vs Forfar 30.9.17 Penicuik vs Lochee 21.10.17 Camelon vs Penicuik 18.11.17 Penicuik vs Dundonald 6.1.18 Penicuik vs Kennoway 3.2.18 Linlithgow vs Penicuik 24.2.18 Jeanfield vs Penicuik 24.3.18 Broxburn vs Penicuik 14.4.18 Penicuik vs Harthill 5.5.18 Penicuik vs Jeanfield  19/5/18 Penicuik vs Dundonald 2.6.18  
That's it for 2017/18 season - Congratulations to Johnny, his management team and of course the players - Big changes for next season so don't forget to attend the AGM on 27.6.18