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Physiotherapy in your own home
Wilma Lusty Stuart Campbell was introduced to me almost two years ago. He is an excellent physiotherapist and continues to keep up to date. During the covid crisis my mobility has deteriorated but I have every faith that after a few more sessions he has the ability to help me improve again. John Macartthur Stuart has helped my wife who came out of hospital immensely. He is an excellent motivator in a very gentle manner. His understanding of physiological difficulties in particular Parkinsons has been excellent. My wife has gone from bed-bound to walking with a zimmer frame in a very short space of time. Our carers are very impressed by his skills. He also has a good sense of humour which has helped to de-stress a difficult situation. I have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent physio therapist. Polly Mark “Would highly recommend Stuart Campbell to anyone looking for a caring and compassionate physio.When there was no entitlement to community physiotherapy, we were so grateful that Stuart details were given to us and that he showed no hesitation at visiting mum at Linlithgow Care Home. He had already helped someone there. Stuart was friendly and good humoured, made mum laugh and smile, when she hasn’t had much reason to and continually encouraged her with a range exercises to restore her strength and mobility. It was so reassuring that he could see beyond her frailty and immediately understood the lady before the trauma and the wheelchair, he wasn’t put off by her sounding discouraged and skilfully helped her regain faith in herself and build up confidence. He was even happy to sing a bit of Cliff Richard And in doing so, he treated Mum with the greatest courtesy and respect. His visits really restored her self- worth and she was always disappointed they weren’t more often. She remembered him above all things. As a family we could never be more grateful to him, for his time spent focused on our mum and the positive contribution to her wellbeing and for giving her back a sense of purpose. Stuart was a rainbow for mum. And us. And I am sure many others. “ Cervical Laminectomy for Cervical Myelopathy - After surgery on the discs in my neck Stuart played a huge part in my learning to walk again, to manage steps and stairs, to get in and out of cars and in to do day to day tasks. He gave me the courage to keep going and to persevere until I achieved what he was teaching me. Stuart made me forget what was wrong with me and to focus on the task in hand. He made the whole process fun whilst making me work very hard. He always encouraged me and praised me, whilst urging me on to do even better. Stuart became like part of my family and his manner was always kind and natural. He was always very professional but able to gauge how cheeky he could be and we called each other by our surnames Baxter (mine) and Campbell (his) after the famous soup brands. I would recommend him to anyone and can't stress how much I trusted him. Elsie Baxter (aged 83), Edinburgh Stuart has a very friendly demeanor which puts you at ease straight away. He provides a reliable and professional service, which I greatly appreciate. Peggy Corrie, North Berwick. Stuart Campbell has been treating my 85 year old mother since her discharge from hospital three months ago. She has gone from virtually no mobility in her legs to being able to walk up stairs. As a result of Stuarts patience and gentle professional manner my mother has become more confident. He has been a godsend. Christine Babbs Stuart has attended to me since I left hospital and I feel I have greatly benefited from his very efficient and friendly care. Mrs P Munro I find the treatment very good and couldn't do without it. Also find Stuart is extremely patient and I always look forward to the next appointment. Mr Brand, Bonnyrigg Stuart has been a huge help to me especially since my mobility worsened. Since Stuart has worked with me (I have MS), the negative effects of my illness have been more manageable. Stuart puts me at ease and I have great confidence in his ability to support and manage my limited mobility. Ms Wyllie, Gorebridge Since Stuart has started giving me regular physio exercise I have seen a vast improvement to my physical fitness, health and wellbeing. I have improved movement and my mobility has seen an amazing improvement. I must thank him. I don't know how I would manage without his help and encouragement. Mr Paterson, Broxburn
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