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Penicuik Athletic
Established 1888
CLUB STATEMENT - FANS AT GAMES Penicuik Athletic FC are fully supportive of the Government efforts to combat Covid-19 and have a great appreciation of how difficult a job the Scottish Government have to balance health and the economy, and the sacrifices that people are making to fight this virus. The club is proud to have played its part in suppressing the first wave of the virus by following the guidance received from all sources, however we are now facing a fight for our very survival if fans are not allowed in to watch games. Football at the level we play, faces the biggest crisis in 70 years and our club the biggest challenge since going into ‘abeyance’ in 1991. Our industry sector is being denied the right to trade, due to the refusal to let fans watch games, whilst just over the border in England clubs at similar levels are allowed supporters into the match, properly physically distanced with fans wearing face coverings. It is our hope that the current restrictions on us are simply out of a lack of appreciation of the challenges football faces at this level. There is no Sky TV deal and no generous benefactor in the form of Mr Anderson as our friends in the SPFL received. Match day income is fundamental to being able to trade solvently. Without it, through no fault of clubs at this level, many won’t be here by the time Christmas comes. We are not asking for our ground to be filled to capacity, but a level at less than 20% of our capacity, around 250 supporters and volunteer officials in a controlled, secure environment. Penicuik Athletic might not be the biggest club in the country, but like all clubs at our level we employ c20 people, purchase many products from local suppliers who in turn employ local people, and provide a sense of community to those in our locality. Across Scotland, it’s an economic generator worth, according to a recent study, over £500 million to the Scottish Economy. The fiscal benefit aside, the community and mental health benefits that football brings to players and supporters alike should be reason enough to re- consider fans in football, providing it’s in a secure and safe venue. Penicuik Athletic would ask our local MP, MSP’s and councillors to get behind us as we look to get ‘Fans at Games’ in a safe, secure and controlled manner to allow us to continue to play football and provide our community with a sporting focal point. Neil Gordon, Club Secretary, John Fraser, Club President , Tony Begg Team Manager, Aaron Somerville, Club Captain To: Owen Thompson, MP; Ian Murray MP; Christine Graham MSP; Colin Beattie MSP; Michelle Ballantyne MSP; Cllr Debbi McCall; Cllr Andrew Hardie; Cllr Joe Wallace: Cllr Andrew Hardie; Cc Midlothian Advertiser, Crystal FM, Black Diamond FM