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SABZI SIDE DISHES SAG ALOO £2.95 Sinach with spiced potatoes CAULIFLOWER BAHJI £2.95 Spiced cauliflower BRINZAL BUNA £2.95 Aubergine MIXED VEGETABLE BAHJI £2.95 Dry mixed vegitable MUSHROOM BAHJI £2.95 Mushrooms with fresh herbs and spices ALOO GOBI MASSALLAM £2.95 Spiced potatoes and cauliflower GARLIC MUSHROOM £ 2.95 Fresh mushrooms with fresh garlic, soring onion, corriander and fresh herbs and spices BOMBAY ALO £2.95 Lightly spiced potatoes. TARKA DALL £2.95 Stewed lentils and split peas. BHINDI BHAJI £2.95 Lightly spiced okra. ALOO ZERRA £2.95 SAG DALL £2.95 Spinach and lentils. MUGLAI SAG £2.95 Spinach and garlic.
RICE DISHES BOILED £2.20 Boiled Basmati rice. PILAU £2.50 Saffron Basmati rice SPECIAL £2.85 Basmati rice stir-fried with egg and peas. SABZI PILAU £2.85 Basmati rice stir-fried with saffron and mixed vegetables MUSHROOM PILAU £2.85 Basmati rice fried with mushrooms. GHEE BHAT £2.85 Basmati rice fried in purified butter with onions. EGG RICE £2.85 Basmati rice fried with egg, butter, onion, lots of coriander and spring onion. LEMON RICE £2.85 Basmati rice fried with slices of lemon and onion. KEEMA RICE £2.85 COCONUT RICE £2.85 DESI RICE £2.85 BREADS NAN £1.95 Leavened bread baked in our clay oven SULTANA NAN £2.45 Leavened bread stuffed with ground almonds, coconut and sultanas KEEMA NAN £2.45 Leavened bread stuffed with spiced minced meat and coriander. GARLIC NAN £2.45 Leavened bread coated with fresh garlic and coriander. SUGAR NAN £2.45 Leavened bread coated with sugar. CHEESE NAN £2.45 Leavened bread stuffed with cheese. PARATHA £2.50 Fried layered whole wheat bread. PURI £1.20 Puffed deep fried bread. TANDOORI ROTI £1.35 Unleavened wholemeal bread baked in our clay oven. CHAPATI £1.00 Thin unleavened wholemeal bread. STUFFED PARATHA £3.10 Fried, layered whole wheat bread stuffed with vegetables.
Side Dishes, Nan and Rice
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