SHUKRIA SPECIALITIES CHICKEN or LAMB TIKKA KHUMBI DUPIAZA £6.95 / £7.10 A most wonderful dish consisting of charcoal grilled chicken cutlets and mushrooms cooked in a medium strength sauce of onions and green peppers. PODINA MURGH MASSALLAM £6.95 Marinated chicken cutlets, charcoal grilled, cooked in a very aromatic medium sauce with fresh garden mint and spring onions. CHICKEN or LAMB TIKKA MASSALLAM £6.95 / £7.10 Kebabs cooked in a mild flavoured sauce with fresh herbs and spices Chicken or Lamb. KING PRAWN TIKKA MASSALLAM £11.95 MAKKHANI MURGH £6.95 Chicken kebabs cooked in a spectacular mild spicy buttery sauce. MUGLAI CHICKEN £6.95 Chicken cooked with a medium strength sauce with eggs and chefs special spice. SHAJANI CHICKEN £6.95 Mild dish, BBQ chicken pieces cooked in a special selection of aromatic herbs and spices, mild to taste. CHICKEN JOYPURI £6.95 Chicken cooked with mushroom, onion, green peppers and green chillies in a tangy sauce - medium hot to taste LIME LEAVES WITH CHICKEN OR LAMB £6.95 Chicken or lamb cooked with green lime leaves garnished with garlic, ginger and fresh herbs wth corriander and spring onions. MORE SHUKRIA SPECIALITIES GARLIC CHICKEN £6.95 Medium strength cooked with garlic, lentils, fresh herbs and spices. Garnished with coriander and lemon. GARLIC CHILLI CHICKEN £6.95 Chicken kebab cooked with fried green chillies and garlic with a variety of herbs and spices - medium to hot strength. GREEN HERB CHICKEN £6.95 Medium strength tender chicken in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, green pepper, fresh coriander, spring onions and fresh ginger. METHI GOSHT £7.10 Lamb cooked with fenugreek, fragrant herbs and spices to give a delicious medium hot flavour. SAG GOSHT £7.10 Tender pieces of lamb with fresh spinach, herbs and spices - medium. KATHMANDU MURGH £6.95 Chicken tikka kebabs deliciously cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, whole spring onions,cinnamon and lentils - medium hot. GINGER MURGH £6.95 A fairly hot chicken kebab dish cooked in slices of ginger with lots of coriander. BUTTER CHICKEN OR LAMB £6.95/£7.10 Barbecue chicken or lamb cooked in a mild sauce with lots of fresh ghee (butter) CHICKEN or LAMB PASANDA £6.95 / £7.10 Fresh lean lamb or chicken, specially marinated and cooked in a subtle mild creamy almond sauce. SHAHI CHASNI £6.95 Chicken kebabs cooked in a delicate sweet and sour sauce with a touch of fresh herbs and spices. KARAI GOSHT £7.10 Tender pieces of lamb cooked with green peppers, green herbs and spices, garnished with fresh green chillies. CHICKEN BADSHAHI £6.95 Slices of tandoori chicken cooked with spring onions, green peppers and half cut tomatoes and a delicate tasting sauce. Medium strength. CHICKEN JALFREZIE£6.95 A most popular dish cooked with fresh herbs and spices in a fairly hot sauce. Garnished with fried green pepper, diced onions and green chillies CHICKEN CEYLON £6.95 A most popular dish cooked with fresh herbs, sweet and sour sauce and hot garnish with garlic and ginger. KING PRAWN JALFREZIE £10.95 A most popular dish cooked with fresh herbs and spices in a fairly hot sauce. Garnished with fried green pepper, diced onions and green chillies. CHEF'S SPECIALS CHICKEN OR LAMB TIKKA KARA MASSALLAM £7.95 A popular dish in East Sylhet. Fairly hot sauce cooked with crushed garlic, sliced ginger, pepper, onion and fresh coriander finished with tomato on top. CHICKEN OR LAMB TIKKA REZALA £7.95 Barbecued lamb cooked with whole green chillies and fresh yoghurt garnished with fresh coriander and sliced onion. ROYAL CHICKEN KORMA £7.95 A mild and creamy sauce with bananas, almonds coconut, green elache, cinnamon stick and rose water to create a beautiful flavoured taste. SHERATON KING PRAWN £10.95 Barbecued King Prawn marinated in a fresh spicy lemony sauce with corriander and spicy onion and garnished with sliced lemon on top. SHATKORA CHICKEN or LAMB £7.95 These lightly spiced dishes are cooked with the Shatkora fruit from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh giving a unique sour flavour. These dishes reveal a true taste of Bangladeshi cuisine. RED CHILI CHICKEN £7.95 Barbecued chicken cooked with a Bangladeshi red hot chilli pickle (Mr Naga), Spring onion, tomato, herbs and spices. Garnished with coriander and dry chilli. MANGO CHICKEN £7.95 Chicken cooked in a fresh sweet mango sauce with mango slices. SHUKRIA CLASSICS Fresh lean chicken or lamb, prawns or king prawns served with a classic range of curry sauces. CHICKEN TIKKA £6.95 CHICKEN £5.95 LAMB £6.50 PRAWN £5.95 KING PRAWN £9.95 VEGETABLE £5.75 BADAMI KORMA A mild delicate sauce of natural yoghurt, cream, almonds, coconuts, fresh herbs and spices. KASHMIRI A mild sauce prepared with fresh lychees and bananas in exotic tropical spices. MALAYAN A mild delicate dish prepared with almonds, coconut, pineapple, fruit juices and cream to create a beautifully balanced flavour. BHUNA Medium strength traditional dishes garnished with onions, herbs, tomatoes and selected spices. JHAL BHUNA A fairly hot traditional dish garnished with onions, herbs, tomatoes and selected spices. DUPIAZA Medium strength dish of cubed onions and green pepper producing a very distinctive taste. ROGAN JOSH Fairly hot dish prepared with pimento, garlic, fresh coriander and spices and garnished with spicy fried tomatoes. PATHIA A very tasty sweet, sour and hot dish prepared with garlic, onions and a variety of fresh herbs, garnished with a slice of lemon. DANSAK A rare combination of herbs and spices prepared with lentils, sweet & sour and fairly hot. MADRAS A very popular dish derived from the southern part of India, prepared with garlic, chilli and lemon juice. VINDALOO A hot and moist classic curry to make you palate dance. SAG CHICKEN £6.95 Medium strength spinach and chicken, garnished with garlic, onions, herbs, tomato, spring onions and lots of coriander and selected spices. ACHARI CHICKEN or LAMB £6.95 / £7.10 Fairly hot and sour chicken or lamb cooked with garlic, tomato, nice tasty indian pickle, spring onions and lots of coriander and a choice of spices. VEGERTARIAN DISHES SABZI JALFREZIE £5.75 Mixed vegetables cooked in a blend of fresh ingredients, in a medium hot savoury sauce. SABZI SAMBAR £5.75 A hot, rich gathering of mixed vegetables prepared together with lentils, sweet & sour and fairly hot. SABZI RANGILLA £5.75 Mixed vegetables prepared in a rich delicate, mild sauce of almonds and coconuts. SAG PANIR £5.75 Fresh spinach combined in a delicate tasting surprise with homemade cottage cheese. MATER PANIR £5.75 Medium strength dish prepared combining peas and home-made cottage cheese, with herbs and spices. CHANA MASSALLAM £5.75 Chick peas with lentils, eggs, spring onions, fresh coriander, herbs and spices. SABZI SHAHI CHASNI £5.75
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