Website designed and maintained by Website4u Tell me about your football career? I signed a professional contract for Hibernian Football Club at 16 years old in 1992 -1999. I played for Brechin City FC from 1999-2003 followed by a 6 month spell at Montrose FC. I Played for Bonnyrigg Rose from 2003-2007 followed by Bathgate Thistle 2008-2010. Which team did you enjoy playing with most and why? It would have to be playing for Hibernian FC, I grew up in Leith and I realise how fortunate I was to play for team I supported all my life. What would you say was the highlight so far of your career in football? There have been a few but I will narrow this down to the following: Playing in the last ever school boy international at the old Wembley live on ITV. Making my first team debut for Hibs against Motherwell in the Premier League. Winning the 3rd Division Title with Brechin City. Being selected to play for your country at youth level. Any trophy that my team won was always a highlight  Tell me about the managers you have played under? Alex Miller- Best coach I ever played under, he was No2 to Houllier & Benetiz at Liverpool for a reason. Alex McLeish- Great coach & good man management skills, didn't suffer fools gladly. Dick Campbell- Real motivator, if you could bottle his team talks and sell them you'd be a millionaire. Others include Jim Duffy, Jockey Scott, Pat Glynn and Graeme Love, all good managers in there own right but the first three have had the biggest influence on my career. Who influenced you the most and why? Easy - that would be Alex Miller - it's his coaching not "training" that stands out and with him you learnt something new everyday. What made you decide to sign for Penicuik? Craig Meikle the joint manager is a very good friend of mine and when he & Brian got the job he started explaining his plans for the club and asked if I would like to be part of the coaching and playing staff. The decision was easy. As a player, what do you look for from your team-mates? I look for honesty, character and a willingness to always improve. Who do you think will be our main rivals and why? Glenrothes will finish in the top 2, they have super league experience in there team and that will stand them in good stead for the task ahead. What do you personally hope to achieve this year? Promotion- It was my aim at the start of the season and until its impossible to achieve, it will remain my goal. Aim low and you will definitely finish low aim high and who knows where it can take you, I know which I prefer. What is the best goal that you have ever scored? As I don't score many goals I don't have much to choose from although I still manage more than Michael McDermott - he's a worse finisher than me and that's saying something. It would have to be a chest and volley from 30 yards for Bonnyrigg against Carnoustie - it was made all the better as my old team mate Jim Butters was in goals. Finally, what are your interests outside football? Modelling (part-time). spending time with my family, reading (Autobiographical). An Interview with Paul Riley