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Match Report
Penicuik vs Crossgates 2.11.19
Penicuik  4 Crossgates 1 Penicuik :   Swain,   O’Donnell,   Baptie,   Young,   Page,   Connolly   (c),   Jones,   Watson,   Tansey,   Murray,   Stevenson‬   Subs:   Watt, Kateleza, McCrory-Irving, Ponton, Forbes Crossgates:   Henderson,   Nutt,   Brand,   Dunlop,   O’Neill,   Moffat,   Sawers,   Aitken,   Lawrie   (c),   Campbell,   McAteer‬   Subs: Cowie, McDonald, Wilkie, Forbes, Deas, Swan Penicuik      returned   to   Premier   Division   league   action   last   Saturday   at   Penicuik   Park   still   basking   in   their   Scottish   Cup victory   over   Stenhousemuir   the   week   before   though   the   match   was   tied   at   1-1   at   half   time   against   the   Fifers   Crossgates Primrose   before   a   treble   second   half   blast   swept   the   Cuikie   to   a   comfortable   win   in   the   end.   Crossgates   were   to   deploy   a strong   offside   tactic   to   thwart   the   Penicuik   threats   and   it   worked   to   some   extent   frustrating   the   home   attackers   as   early attacks   by   Sam   Jones   and   Paul   Tansey   were   caught   out.   Early   exchanges   saw   a   well   competed   contest   unfolding   though goalless   as   in   13   minutes   Primrose’s   first   real   chance   from   Archie   Campbell   saw   the   ball   sweep   right   through   the   home defence.   Soon   after,   a   Graeme   Nutt   shot   hit   the   Penicuik   side   net.   Sam   Jones   worked   well   for   the   Cuikie   as   the   continuing offside   trap   frustrated   the   home   side.   With   goalmouth   action   limited,   a   Penicuik   corner   was   nullified   by   a   pushing   foul   by pivot   Greg   Page.   But   finally   in   the   40th   minute   it   was   goal   for   Penicuik   and   overall   no.   40   for   the   season   in   game   no   15 when   Paul   TANSEY   evaded   the   offside   trap   to   run   through   and   with   a   composed   finish,   tucked   the   ball   into   the   Primrose net   to   put   Penicuik   1-0   ahead.   However,   that   lead   only   lasted   two   minutes   as   Crossgates   grabbed   a   stunning   equaliser from   a   25   yard   free   kick   into   the   top   corner   of   the   Penicuik   net   by   skipper   Scott   LAURIE   to   see   the   teams   in   at   half   time   at one apiece. Half Time: Penicuik 1 Crossgates 1 It   was   game   on   for   the   second   half   with   the   visitors   first   out   and   keen   to   get   going   and   they   began   strongly   although   a Penicuik   counter   attack   saw   Tansey   fire   a   fine   chance   just   off   target.   In   52   minutes   Lumbo   Kateleza   substituted   for Penicuik’s   Keith   Murray   before   a   rocket   shot   from   Tansey   crashed   back   off   the   Primrose   post   in   an   ongoing   battle   for   the next   crucial   goal.   Then   a   combined   Lumbo   and   Tansey   attack   ended   in   Tansey’s   shot   blocked   out   for   a   corner   before   an injury   saw   Crossgates   Kyle   Brand   taken   off   and   substitute   Mark   Wilkie   came   on.   Finally,   in   69   minutes   Penicuik   broke   the deadlock   with   a   second   goal   following   a   scramble   in   the   Primrose   penalty   area.   As   the   loose   ball   came   to   Liam O’DONNELL   he   slammed   home   from   close   range   to   restore   the   Penicuik   lead   at   2-1.   Another   Primrose   injury   in   that goalmouth   melee   saw   Michael   Dunlop   taken   off   and   substitute   Mark   Forbes   come   on.   With   quarter   of   an   hour   left   for   play, Sam   Jones   gave   way   to   substitute   Scott   McCrory-Irving   for   Penicuik   as   next   Paul   TANSEY   made   it   3-1   for   Penicuik   when Lumbo   nipped   the   ball   away   from   out   rushing   keeper   Grant   Henderson   to   set   up   Paul’s   easy   finish   and   ease   the   Cuikie further   ahead.   Lumbo   himself   was   next   clean   through   on   Henderson   but   his   finishing   effort   was   too   high.   Goal   number four   came   from   an   unfortunate   keeper   error   as   Henderson‘s      attempted   clearance   hit   the   heels   of   KATELEZA   and rebounded into the Primrose net. Final Score: Penicuik 4 Crossgates 1