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Penicuik Athletic
Established 1888
COVID 19 UPDATE - SUSPENSION OF PENICUIK LOTTERY First and foremost, at this time our priority is to ensure the health of not only everyone connected with the club but the wider community. The   club   are   fully   compliant   with   the   directives   issued   by   the   SFA   and   all   footballing   activity   is   currently   suspended   and   will   remain   as such   until   we   are   advised   otherwise.   The   impact   on   the   current   playing   season   and   indeed   the   start   of   season   2020/21   is   therefore unknown.   We   still   have   number   of   fixtures   outstanding   and   it   would   be   great   to   have   the   chance   to   complete   them   when   the   time   is right.   We   are   fortunate,   that   due   to   good   financial   management   we   are   in   a   position   to   meet   our   financial   commitments   until   of   the season without matchday income. In   light   of   the   Government   announcements   on   Friday   on   Pubs   and   Clubs   etc   closing,   and   the   increasing   need   for   self-isolation   we   have taken   the   decision   to   suspend   the   Lottery   draw   with   immediate   effect.   Any   monies   already   committed   to   this   week’s   draw   planned   for Tuesday   24th   will   be   carried   over   to   the   first   draw   when   we   ‘re-open’   for   business   and   the   jackpot   of   £4,000   will   remain   in   place.   We would   like   to   take   this   opportunity   to   thank   everyone   for   their   support   for   the   Lottery   and   look   forward   to   the   day   you   can   all   participate again. We   will   need   to   re-build   for   the   future   and   with   no   income   streams   other   than   our   50/50   Development   Fund,   we   would   ask   those   who   do not   already   subscribe   to   the   Development   Fund   to   consider   doing   so.   This   will   mean   when   the   time   is   right   we   can   meet   the   challenges ahead   and   the   club   is   seeking   your   continued   support   through   this   channel.   You   can   join   the   50/50   Development   Fund   through   the same   sources   by   downloading   the   standing   order   form   or   indeed   pay   a   year   up   front   @£60.   You   can   find   out   more   about   the   50/50 Development   Fund   by   visiting   our   website   or   If   anyone   wishes   to   make   any   form   of   direct   payment through   donation   or   sponsorship   then   please   contact   us   @   and   we   will   give   you   all   the   necessary   details. We continue to follow developments closely and will re-act accordingly No   matter   how   little,   the   club   will   be   grateful   for   your   support   and   we   all   look   forward   to   seeing   you   all   back   enjoying   football   and   life   at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, look after yourselves and your families and the wider community where possible.
All matches cancelled until further notice because of Corona Virus -- See below