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Penicuik Athletic
Established 1888
John Fraser
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ENTRANCE TO PENICUIK PARK - NEW ARRANGEMENTS Entrance   to   the   ground   now   includes   a   3rd   entrance   point   at   the   High School   end.   All   spectators   entering   from   the   Carlops   Road/School entrances   to   Penicuik   Park   should   use   this   entrance   point.   There   will be   strictly   no   access   to   the   main   entrance   from   this   route.   Spectators entering    the    Park    from    John    Street    or    Jackson    Street    should continue   to   use   the   main   entrance   or   the   John   Street   entrance. At   full time   spectators   heading   to   Carlops   Road   should   exit   the   ground   by the Gates at the High School or Angle Park ends of the park. Please   respect   these   arrangements   and   we   thank   you   in   advance   for your support.
CAR   PARKING :   When    you   enter   Penicuik   by   car,   drive   along   the   main   street(John   Street)   past   Tesco   (on   your   left),   until   you   come   to   the junction   at   the Angle   Park   Tyre   Centre   then   take   the   right   fork   into   Carlops   Road.   The   ground   is   200   yards   further   along   the   road   on   the   left hand side. As cars are not allowed in to the park ( even if the gate is open), other parking options are available. Roadside   parking   is   available   on   Carlops   Road   between   the   Angle   Park   Tyre   Centre   up   to   the   Penicuik   Motor   Company   garage.   Access   to the   park   is   gained   through   either   Angle   Park   or   through   the   public   park   entrance   just   past   the   Penicuik   Motor   Company   garage.   Further   off road   parking   is   available   in   the   Penicuik   Leisure   Centre   car   park   located   another   200   yards   along   Carlops   Road   on   the   right   hand   side immediately past Penicuik High School. Access to the park is gained by crossing the road at the pedestrian traffic lights. Alternatively,   instead   of   taking   the   right   fork   at   the   Angle   Park   garage,   stay   on   John   Street.   The   football   ground   lies   behind   the   Mill   Bar   & Restaurant,   approximately   100   yards   past   the Angle   Park   Tyre   Centre   on   the   right   hand   side.   Limited   on   street   parking   is   available   on   John Street   and   pedestrian   access   can   be   gained   from   the   park   gate   opposite   John   Street   lane. There   is   also   limited   parking   available   in   the   small car   park   opposite   the   North   Church.   You   can   continue   past   the   North   Church   and   take   the   first   right   turn   into   Wilson   Street   where   roadside parking   is   available.   Pedestrian   access   can   be   gained   to   the   park   by   walking   down   Jackson   Street   which   is   a   right   turn   off   Wilson   Street   to the   park   entrance   at   the   War   Memorial.   We   have   been   advised   by   the   local   police   that   they   will   take   action   against   any   improper   parking   in Jackson   Street,   so   it   is   best   to   avoid   parking   in   Jackson   Street   (In   addition   the   police   have   requested   that   cars   should   not   be   parked   on Bog   Road) .   For   coach   access,   it   is   recommended   that   the   coach   reverses   down   Jackson   Street   which   is   a   dead   end   at   the   War   Memorial. Kit can then be unloaded and the bus can return to Wilson Street for on street parking”.
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