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Match Report
Oakley vs Penicuik 20.10.18
Oakley 1 Penicuik 4 Oakley:   Robertson,   Carroll,   Kay,   McGill,   Stevenson,   McMillan,   McAteer,   Moore,   Doubleday,   Allan,   Cowan   Subs:   Grieg, Dawson, Murray, Hamilton, McLaughlin, MacKay, Peddie Penicuik:    Cordery,   Caddow,   Baptie,   Young,   Hamilton,   Connolly,   Barr   (c),   Jones,   Kateleza,   McIntosh,   Ponton   Subs: McCrory-Irving, Hume, Forbes, Sproule, MacDonald, Somerville, Sampson Oakley   started   strongly   pushing   Penicuik   back   and   McATEER    blasted   home   in   the   third   minute.   However   Penicuik   drew level   three   minutes   later   when   McINTOSH   bulleted   home   a   header   off   a   Baptie   corner   kick.   Having   got   over   the   initial shock,   Penicuik   settled   into   their   passing   game   and   McIntosh   saw   his   shot   well   saved   by   keeper   Robertson.   In   the   20th minute,   Jones   had   a   chance,   but   sliced   his   shot   wide.   At   the   other   end   a   deflected   strike   flashed   along   the   front   of   the Penicuik   goal   but   there   were   no   takers   for   the   home   side.   Then   two   consecutive   corners   to   Penicuik   saw   the   ball   cleared off   the   line   and   then   a   McIntosh   header   flashed   inches   wide   of   the   goal.   In   the   42nd   minute,   a   Baptie   free   kick   caught everyone   out,   but   skimmed   the   crossbar.   On   half   time,   McIntosh   was   denied   by   Robertson   who   rushed   from   goal   to smother the ball at the striker’s feet. Half Time: Oakley 1 Penicuik 1 Penicuik   started   the   second   half   with   determination,   and   a   dangerous   cross   into   the   box   was   cleverly   headed   back   to Robertson   to   clear   the   danger.   In   the   53rd   minute,   only   a   last   gasp   tackle   prevented   Penicuik   taking   the   lead.   Immediately afterwards,   Hamilton   was   booked   for   a   late   tackle   on   McAteer.   Then,   with   the   pressure   building,   an   excellent   move   by Penicuik   saw   keeper   Robertson   save   a   McCrory-Irving   strike   from   eighteen   yards.   In   their   next   attack,   Penicuik   should have   taken   the   lead,   but   McIntosh   headed   a   Ponton   cross   over   the   bar.   On   the   hour   mark,   came   a   blitz   of   goals   by Penicuik.   McCrory-Irving   drilled   the   ball   into   the   penalty   area   and   the   unfortunate   STEVENSON   put   the   ball   into   his   own net.   Two   minutes   later,   McINTOSH    hooked   home   a   Forbes   cross.   Then   in   the   67th   minute   the   game   was   put   to   bed   with the   goal   of   the   game.   McCrory-Irving   picked   up   a   deep   cross   from   the   left,   laid   the   ball   back   to   JONES   at   the   edge   of   the box,   and   he   blasted   the   ball   past   Robertson.   Penicuik   continued   to   dominate   the   game   until   the   last   few   minutes   when Oakley   created   a   couple   of   chances.   Firstly   Allan   had   a   shot   that   beat   Cordery   but   went   just   wide   of   the   post   and   then Cordery had to rush from goal to deny McAteer. Final Score: Oakley 1 Penicuik 4