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Match Report
 Penicuik vs Newtongrange 24.11.18
My thanks to Brian Nimmo (Striker) for the match report Penicuik 4 Newtongrange 0 Penicuik:     Thomas    Cordery,    Jordan    Caddow,    Ryan    Baptie    ,    Darrell    Young,    Greg    Page,    Callum    Connolly,    Aaron Somerville,   Sam   Jones,   Wayne   McIntosh,   Scott   McCrory-Irving, Aaran   Ponton.   Subs:   Wayne   Sproule,   Lumbert   Kateleza, Kyle Sampson, Dean Crabbe, John Williams. Newtongrange   Star:   Kieron   Renton,   Scott   Swaney,   Wes   Mitchell,   Sean   Melvin   ,   Dale   O'   Hara,   George   Hunter   ,   Ryan Porteous,   Steven Thomson, Alistair   Forster   ,   Ryan   Sclater,   Dale   Richardson   Subs:   Ross   Currie,   Kevin   Bracks,   Kyle   Scott, Jack Wilson, Neil Lowson, Kyle Lander, Jordan Dunsmore. Something   had   to   give   here   as   both   teams      contested   their   10th   league   match   of   the   season   and      both   had   been unbeaten   so   far      but   in   the   end   it   was   a   dazzling      display   by   4   goal   Penicuik      hero   Wayne   McIntosh   who   netted   all   four Penicuik   goals   to   sink   the   Star   and   net   his   own   24th   goal   of   the   season   as   top   of   the   league   Cuikie   hit   the   30   point   mark this week with ten wins in ten league games played ! Pre   match   punters      had   fancied   a   draw   in   this   latest      Midlothian   local   derby      and   for   some   36   minutes   the   scoreline remained   goalless      before   a   double   whammy   from   McINTOSH       put   the   hosts   in   at   the   break   2-0   in   the   lead   in   front   of   a big   crowd   at   Penicuik   Park.   It   was   a   high   speed      clash      starting   with   a   3rd   minute   double   blocked   Dale   O'   Hara   free   kick     following   Callum   Connolly's   foul   on   George   Hunter      as   Kevin   Milne's   men   got   into   the   action   at   the   other   end      with   an   11th minute   glancing   header   from   Aaron   Ponton   hitting   the   side   net.   Just   two   minute's   later   and   Penicuik   skipper   Aaron Somerville   was   forced   off   the   field      injured   following   a   tackle   by   Wes   Mitchell   as   substitute   Lumbert   Kateleza   came   on   to replace   him   making   an   immediate   impression   with   his   play.   The   opening   goal   however   proved   elusive      with   defences   on top      in   a   pacy   encounter   and   several   threatening   corners   dealt   with   by   both   defences.   In   32   minutes   Star's      Ryan   Sclater was   booked   for   a   foul         as   Scott   McCrory   Irving's   resultant   free   kick   saw   a   scramble   in   the   visiting   penalty   area      but eventually   cleared   away   with   next   a   Scott   Swaney   header   clearing   another   Penicuik   flag   kick.   But   it   all   changed   in   the 36th   minute      as   McINTOSH    opened   the   scoring   with   a   close   in   finish      into   the   corner   of   the   Star   net      for   a   crucial   strike   to finally   break   the   deadlock      at   1-0   to   Penicuik. And   just   4   minutes   later   it   was   2-0   to   Penicuik   and   the   Star   reeling      as   good play   from   Aaron   Ponton   and   Lumbo      saw   Lumbo   cut   the   ball   back   into   the   box   to   see   McINTOSH    sweep   home      from close   in      as   the   first   half   finished   with   Penicuik   holding   that   two   goal   cushion   and   late   bookings   for   Dale   Richardson   for   a foul and a Ryan Baptie hand ball. Half Time: Penicuik 2 Newtongrange 0 The   floodlights   lit   up   the   second   half   as   Richardson   was   substituted   by   Kyle   Lander   for   the   Star      with   it   all   to   play   for   now     as   a   53rd   minute   free   kick   from      Dale   O'Hara   just   whizzed   past   the   far   post      as   the   Star   battled   hard   to   get   back   into   the game   with   spells   of   strong   possession.   In   59   minutes   a   Ryan   Baptie   free   kick   nearly   hit   the   target   but   it   was   still   2-0   to   the hosts   going   into   the   last   quarter   of   the   game   as   Star   were   left      frustrated      as   Mitchell   was   next   yellow   carded   for   a   foul before      double   tip   over   saves   by   Cuikie   keeper   Thomas   Cordery   saw   resultant   corners   for   Star   but      well   cleared   by   the home   defence   as   Thomas   kept   a   good   clean   sheet.   Wayne   Sproule   came   on   as   substitute   in   73   minutes   as   Penicuik sought   closure      and   it   was   just      3   minutes   later   that   Penicuik   went   3-0   up   as   McINTOSH   completed   a   stunning   hat   trick after   creating   space   for   himself   and   shooting   home   to   cue   huge   celebrations....Dean   Crabbe   replaced   Scott   McCrory- Irving   for   Penicuik      before   in   80   minutes   a   booking   for   Connolly   for   a   foul   preceded   the   fourth   McINTOSH   goal   of   the afternoon   .   And   again   it   was   Lumbo   the   supplier   and   Wayno   the   finisher   as   Penicuik   eased   to   the   finishing   line   with   a     stunning   4-0   scoreline      though   finishing   with   10   men   having   used   all   three   substitutes   as   an   injry   saw   substitute   Wayne Sproule off injured. Final Score: Penicuik 4 Newtongrange 0