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Match Report
Penicuik vs Easthouses 27.10.18
Penicuik 4 Easthouses 0 Penicuik:       Cordery,   Forbes,   Baptie,   Young,   Hume   (c),   MacDonald,   McCrory-Irving,   Barr,   Kateleza,   McIntosh,   Ponton Subs:| Caddow, Hamilton, Sampson, Sproule, Somerville, Jones Easthouses:    Hay,    McIver,    Wilson,    Hall,   Arthur,    Young,    Nethery,    McDermott,    Shearer,    Taylor,    Elliot    Subs:    Tainish, Anderson, Taylor Straight   from   the   kick   off   Penicuik   attacked   down   the   left   but   Baptie’s   cross   was   headed   inches   past   the   post   by   McIntosh. However   nine   minutes   later,   McINTOSH   made   no   mistake   when   he   stroked   the   ball   home   from   close   range   after   good work   by   Young,   Kateleza   and   Baptie.   In   the   20th   minute,   Kateleza   split   the   Easthouses   defence   with   a   perfectly   weighted pass   and   McINTOSH    pounced   to   squeeze   the   ball   past   Hay.   Two   minutes   later,   Ponton   saw   his   effort   go   narrowly   wide   of the   target.   On   the   half   hour,   keeper   Hay   had   to   be   on   his   toes   to   cut   out   a   low   Ponton   cross.   Penicuik’s   pressure   was constant,   and   MacDonald   had   a   go   from   twenty   yards   but   his   strike   flew   high   over   the   bar.   Just   before   half   time,   a   training ground   corner   kick   saw   McCrory-Irving   lay   the   corner   kick   to   the   edge   of   the   box,   Forbes   ran   in   and   drilled   the   ball   low and   hard,   but   Hay   pulled   off   an   excellent   one   handed   save   to   deny   the   full   back.   With   seconds   to   go   before   half   time,   a lightning   break   from   defence   by   Penicuik   sat   Ponton   free   on   the   left.   He   cut   the   ball   back   to   McIntosh   who   should   have completed his hat trick, but somehow he blasted the ball over the crossbar. Half Time: Penicuik2 Easthouses 0 Eight   minutes   into   the   second   half   and   Penicuik   were   again   dominating   play   and   piling   on   the   pressure.   Then   a   long range   effort   by   MacDonald   flashed   inches   over   the   bar.   Immediately   afterwards,   a   powerful   strike   by   Kateleza   was brilliantly   turned   away   by   keeper   Hay   for   a   corner.   On   the   hour   mark,   with   the   visitor’s   defence   reeling,   a   clever   one   two between   Sproule   and   Kateleza   inside   the   penalty   are   saw   KATELEZA   smash   the   ball   into   the   net   to   make   it   3-0.   Three minutes   later,   the   game   was   put   to   bed   when   BAPTIE   curled   a   free   kick   from   twenty   yards,   over   keeper   Hay   and   into   the top   corner   of   the   net.   In   the   78th   minute,   a   rare   Easthouses   attack   saw   Shearer   let   fly,   but   his   shot   was   deflected   narrow past   for   a   corner   kick.   Minutes   later,   the   same   player   saw   his   effort   finger   tipped   away   by   keeper   Cordery   for   another corner   kick,   but   Penicuik   defended   well   and   immediately   went   on   the   attack.   Forbes   broke   up   the   right   wing   and   crossed the ball into the box. Somerville rose above the defence, but his header skimmed the crossbar. Final score: Penicuik 4 Easthouses 0