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Match Report
Penicuik vs Coldstream 26.1.19
South Region Challenge Cup 
Penicuik 4 Coldstream 4 (Coldstream won 4-5 on penalties) Penicuik:    Cordery,   Sproule,   Baptie,   Young,   Williams,   McCrory-Irving,   Caddow,   Jones,   McIntosh,   Somerville   (c),   Ponton Subs: Robertson, Connolly, Montgomery, Sampson, Hamilton Coldstream :   Walters,   Heugh,   Staughan,   Corfield,   Bonnington,   Briggs,   Dixon,   Windram,   Logan,   Lee,   Fox   Subs:   Gay, Herdham, Bullen, Paterson, Brown, Turnbull Coldstream   booked   their   place   in   the   last   eight   of   the   SFA   South   Region   Challenge   Cup   with   a   dramatic   penalty   shoot-out victory   at   Penicuik Athletic   on   Saturday.   Coldstream   took   the   lead   in   the   14th   minute,   Kieran   Lee   collected   a   knock   down from   Buster   Briggs   in   his   own   half,   beat   his   man   and   sent   an   inch   perfect   through   ball   into   the   path   of   BRIGGS ,   the   striker held   off   a   challenge   from Young   to   confidently   drive   the   ball   past   Cordery. This   stirred   the   league   leaders   into   life   and   they were   soon   level,   a   cross   field   pass   from   deep   sent   Arran   Ponton   clear   on   the   left   and   his   cut   back   was   steered   into   the bottom   corner   by   Aaron   SOMERVILLE .   The   Cuikie   were   on   top   at   this   stage   and   it   was   no   surprise   when   they   took   the lead   in   the   34th   minute,   again   Ponton   found   space   on   the   left,   his   cross   was   helped   on   by   McIntosh   to   McCRORY- IRVING   who   made   no   mistake   from   the   edge   of   the   box.Coldstream   were   looking   a   little   ragged   and   were   fortunate   not   to go   further   behind,   McIntosh   having   a   goal   ruled   out   for   offside   and   Baptie   seeing   his   drive   from   distance   strike   the crossbar, but the Streamers held on to go in 2-1 down at the interval. Half Time: Penicuik 2 Coldstream 1 Coldstream   were   more   organised   at   the   back   in   the   second   half   with   Max   Fox,   Ross   Straughan   and   Jack   Logan   all performing   well   to   shut   down   the   home   side’s   attacks   and   cut   off   the   spaces   which   Penicuik   had   found   before   the   break, the   midfield   were   all   working   hard   in   difficult   conditions   and   were   rewarded   in   the   54th   minute,   Cordery   didn’t   get   enough distance   on   his   punched   clearance,   it   fell   to   Shane   Bonnington   wide   on   the   right   who   drove   a   ferocious   cross   back   in, causing   WILLIAMS   to   slice   into   his   own   net   for   the   equaliser.   Penicuik’s   lead   was   restored   with   twelve   minutes   left   on   the clock,   Somerville’s   glorious   cross   from   the   left   found   CADDOW   who   finished   well   from   six   yards   on   the   volley.   Penicuik had   a   spell   of   dominating   possession   and   looked   to   be   heading   into   the   next   round   but   they   weren’t   prepared   for Coldstream’s   resilience   and   refusal   to   accept   defeat,   deep   into   stoppage   time   a   Fox   shot   forced   a   corner,   Gary   Widram’s delivery   from   the   corner   found   the   head   of   Kris   Dixon,   his   goal   bound   effort   was   saved   by   Cordery   but   the   rebound   fell   to the   feet   of   substitute   Kieran   BULLEN   who   smashed   the   ball   into   the   roof   of   the   net   for   a   last   kick   equaliser   to   send   the match into extra time. Full Time: Penicuik 3 Coldstream 3 Substitute   Bailey   Paterson,   making   his   50th   appearance   for   the   Blues,   came   close   to   giving   his   side   the   lead   in   the   first period   of   extra   time   but   his   turn   and   shot   in   the   box   saw   his   effort   clear   the   cross   bar.   The   second   half   of   extra   time   was barely   a   minute   old   when   Penicuik   took   the   lead   for   the   third   time,   Somerville   and   McIntosh   combining   to   create   space   for CADDOW   to   fire   home   from   18   yards.   Coldstream   were   finishing   the   contest   looking   the   more   likely   to   grab   the   games eighth   goal   and   sure   enough   it   came   with   five   minutes   remaining,   Lee’s   pass   from   midfield   found   Bonnington   on   the   left, he   did   brilliantly   to   hold   off   Caddow   and   get   his   cross   in   from   the   by-line,   Cordery   couldn’t   gather   it   cleanly   and   BRIGGS was on hand to squeeze the ball in at the near post to make the final score 4-4. The   players   had   to   draw   on   their   remaining   reserves   of   energy   for   the   final   task   of   the   penalty   shoot-out,   after   five   kicks each   the   scores   were   still   level,   Briggs,   Dixon,   Bonnington   and   Paterson   finding   the   net   while   Windram   saw   his   effort strike   the   post,   Penicuik’s   McIntosh,   Connolly,   Jones   and   Somerville   were   successful   and   Baptie’s   kick   was   saved   by Walters.   Ejay   Gay   stepped   up   to   take   the   sixth   Coldstream   penalty   and   the   big   defender   made   no   mistake,   firing   into   the bottom   corner.   Caddow’s   attempt   was   then   saved   by   Walters   to   send   the   Streamers   through   to   a   home   quarter   final   tie with Lowland League leaded East Kilbride