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Match Report
Penicuik vs Broxburn 1.12.18
3rd Round Football Nation Challenge Cup
Penicuik 3 Broxburn 1 Penicuik:       Cordery,   Sproule,   Baptie,   Young,   Page,   Connolly   (c),   McCrory-Irving,   Jones,   Sampson,   Kateleza,   Ponton ‪Subs:  Caddow, Williams Broxburn :   Wallace,   Gillan,   Donaldson,   Harrison, Townsley,   Linton,   Nimmo,   Scott,   Kelly,   Locke   (c),   Binnie   Subs:   Richards, Beasley, Donoghue, Grant‬ This   was   another   excellent   performance   from   Penicuik   in   the   3rd   round   of   the   Football   Nation   Qualifying   Cup.   In   their stiffest   challenge   to   date,   Penicuik   showed   their   class   to   eliminate   Broxburn   from   the   competition.   However   the   visitors were   the   first   to   threaten   when   Kelly   burst   through   but   his   effort   went   high   over   the   bar.   Penicuik   gradually   got   into   their stride   and   in   the   20th   minute,   following   consecutive   corners,   KATELEZA   was   on   hand   to   drive   home   a   loose   ball   from inside   the   box.   Nine   minutes   later,   A   Ryan   Baptie   free   kick   went   all   the   way   through   and   was   kept   alive   brilliantly   by Callum   Connolly   who   cut   it   back   for   Lumbert   KATELEZA   to   sweep   it   into   an   empty   net.   ‬Shortly   afterwards,   the   hard working   Kelly   created   a   chance   for   Broxburn,   but   his   weak   strike   was   easily   gathered   by   Cordery.   Then   in   the   35th minute,   Kateleza   thought   he   had   completed   his   hat   trick   when   he   headed   home   a   Baptie   free   kick,   but   the   goal   was   ruled offside. Right on half time, Kateleza came close with a shot that flashed inches wide of the upright. Half Time: Penicuik 2 Broxburn 0 Straight   from   the   restart,   Penicuik   went   on   the   attack   and   PONTON   came   in   from   the   left   to   head   home   an   inch   perfect Sproule   cross.   In   the   53rd   minute,   a   break   down   the   right   by   Broxburn   saw   Cordery   well   placed   to   save   comfortably.   At the   other   end   keeper   Wallace   had   to   rush   from   goal   to   deny   Sampson.   Penicuik   continued   to   control   the   game   and Sproule   had   a   chance   but   his   strike   flew   over   the   bar.   However,   in   the   65th   minute,   Penicuik   lost   possession   in   their   own half   and   Kelly   drove   in   on   goal.   Cordery   got   finger   tips   to   the   big   striker’s   shot   and   the   ball   hit   the   base   of   the   post   and Cordery   gathered   the   rebound.   Then   a   swift   passing   move   by   Penicuik   saw   Kateleza   lay   the   ball   back   to   the   edge   of   the box   where   Jones   let   fly.   His   strike   took   a   wicked   deflection   and   Wallace   pulled   off   the   save   of   the   match   to   turn   the   ball away   for   a   corner.   In   the   84th   minute,   a   free   kick   to   Broxburn   was   driven   to   the   back   post. The   ball   was   knocked   back   into the   six   yard   box   where   KELLY   tapped   home   into   the   empty   net.   Immediately   afterwards,   Penicuik   had   a   strong   claim   for   a penalty   turned   down   when   Sampson   was   bundled   over   from   behind.   In   the   final   action   of   the   game,   a   Baptie   free   kick flashed inches over the crossbar. Final score: Penicuik 3 Broxburn 1