Website designed and maintained by Jim Dick Grand National Draw - Ticket Holders and Horses HORSE NO. HORSE 1 Levi Draper Synchronised 2 Craig Meikle Ballabriggs 3 John Fraser Weird Al 4 Jeff Gray Calgary Bay 5 Conor Thomson Neptune Collonges 6 Mark Fraser Alfa Beat 7 John Fraser Planet of Sound 8 Ian Miller Black Apalachi 9 John Scott Deep Purple 10 Chris Roxburgh Junior 11 Gordon Mitchell Chicago Grey 12 Bryan Ryrie Tatenen 13 Jon Mumford According to Pete 14 Jerry Draper Seabass 15 Ian Miller Shakalakaboomboom 16 Betty Knight West End Rocker 17 Ryan Gay On His Own 18 Craig O’Reilly Always Right 19` Jim Dick Cappa Bleu 20 Chris Roxburgh Rare Bob 21 Craig O’Reilly Mon Mome 22 Keith Barr Organisedconfusion 23 Melenie Reid The Midnight Club 24 Bryan Ryrie Treacle 25 A Kerr c/o Reid Arbor Supreme 26 Jimmy Taylor Sunnyhillboy 27 Conor Thomson Killyglen 28 Bryan Ryrie Quiscover Fontaine 29 Jim Dick Tharawaat 30 Chris Roxburgh Becauseicouldntsee 31 R Willshaw Stae of Play 32 Kay Forrest Swing Bill 33 Dougie Cunnison Post Master 34 Charlie Brigain Giles Cross 35 Ian Miller Midnight Haze 36 Jerry Draper Vic Venturi 37 Ian Miller In Compliance 38 Scott Haldane Viking Blond 39 Dougie Cunnison Hello Bud 40 Johnny - 675620 Neptue Equester HORSE NO. HORSE Reserves: 41 Any Currency,    42 Our Island,    43 Abbey Braney,    44 Smoking Aces If your original horse is withdrawn you will be allocated one of the reserve horses.