Website designed and maintained by Jim Dick How does it feel to be a player with Penicuik Athletic? It's a privilege to play for my hometown club. This club has a lot of class players and I'm glad to be a part of the team. What made you decide to sign for Penicuik? I live two seconds away from the ground and also training so that was part of it. But I know Penicuik has been a very good team over the years and always wanted to play for them. How do you think it is going so far? I would say good, I've had my fair share of games to prove myself that I deserve to start and think I've taken the opportunities. What targets do you set yourself at the beginning of the season? Too keep as fit as possible without injuries and get a good run in the team. As a player what do you look for from your teammates? 100% support from everyone! Everyone to be in for each other when its not going our way. Which team have you most enjoyed playing with and why? Would have to be Penicuik! I look forward to playing in front of the crowd that turns up every Saturday! What was the best goal you have ever scored? This season I would say against Arniston, chipping it over the keeper. What are your earliest memories of football? Playing with Hibs is the one which always comes straight to mind. What was the greatest game you have watched and why? There are many , but its always the El Classico, Barcelona V Real Madrid !  Every game is superb...well Lionel Messi is! Finally, tell me something that people would not know about you? I've driven a Ferrari 360 around Knockhill racing track, what an experience that was !