Website designed and maintained by Jim Dick How does it feel to be the only player in Penicuik's history to score 100 goals? It's an achievement that I am very proud of. Since I re-signed for the club two years ago it's a target I have been aiming for. It is even more pleasing that you tell me I did it in 144 appearances. How did you feel when you scored that 100th goal? At the time I was so involved in the game that I was just happy to score. I wanted to thank Knighty for his assist. Its only now when it hits me that I realise what I have achieved. A proud moment but I always look forward because I know there will be plenty time to look back when I stop playing. Did you ever think you would reach that milestone with Penicuik? I always thought I was capable and playing with the calibre of players I have played with in my time here has made it so much easier. What does it mean to you personally? It's a great achievement and something I can look back on when I have stopped playing. What was the reaction in the dressing room to your achievement? Mixed re-action as on the day we were disappointed not to win the game first and foremost however once the dust settled the boys were delighted for me. (I think they now realise how many win bonuses I've won them)  What would you say was the best goal you scored for the Club? My best goals for the club all came last year, most notably Glenrothes and Linlithgow at home however my best was probably was my left foot volley at Lochee United. It was a great goal and a goal that kick started a run of goals for me. What would you say was the most important goal you have scored for Penicuik? It was back in season 2006-2007 when we had to win our last 3 league fixtures to save ourselves from relegation. The third last game was against Lochee Harp and we were trailing   2-1 with 15 minutes to go. I scored 2 goals and we ended up winning 4-2. Either of these would be my most important but I hope I trump that this year by scoring the goal that gets us promotion to the Super League. How have you adjusted to the new young strikers signed this year? They are both great players and easy to play with especially now they know they do the running and I score the goals. What advice can you give the new boys? I still think these boys (Connor, Roxy and Knighty) can go on to play at a higher level although we would love them here at Penicuik for another 10 years. I would stress the 3 D`s are the key for them. Discipline, Dedication and Desire. Finally, how many more goals do you think you can score for Penicuik? It is difficult to put a figure on it. I aim to make it as hard as possible for someone to catch my total in the future. If the club give me a long enough contract who knows maybe I can achieve 200. Mind you I might need a 10 year contract.