Website designed and maintained by Jim Dick Tell me a bit about yourself I'm 24, 5ft 11',  I live in Meadowbank (Originally from South Queensferry), enjoy a good night out, love football and sport in general, Get plenty stick from the other Penicuik boys for my 'Sauzee Tattoo' What is your job, and what do you enjoy most about it? I work for an online train ticket booking company called (Very exciting!). I enjoy the people I work with, distance from my flat and payday!!! What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your job? Not many challenges to be fair probably the interview to get the job! When did you first play football? Started playing football when I was 8 in goals for local boys club Queensferry Thistle and with primary school. My old man is football daft so it was football or nothing! What teams have you played for? Spartans under 19's, Spartans Amateurs, Lochore Welfare, Whitehill Welfare, Coldstream and now Penicuik Which team did you enjoy playing with most & why Looking back either Spartans amateurs as playing every week and performed well most of the time or season 08/09 at Lochore Welfare, my first junior club and played the whole season and great learning curve in a tough Junior league. Also had a superb Queensferry  High school team when in 5th + 6th year which gave great memories! Why did you sign for Penicuik? An opportunity for me to return to junior football at a good level also able to train with an experienced goalie like Baldy and compete for a 1st team place! What do you think you can bring to the team? Hopefully when the opportunity arises, good performances, and confident goalkeeping. I also have pretty good dance moves I have yet to show the other boys! : What do you do outside football and work? I do plenty long distance running, spending time with my girlfriend, and friends etc. I also do some sports coaching along with voluntary work for a company called SL Volunteers. I also enjoy catching some football games down south with my Dad and hitting the town or other cities with my pals for a good night out! Finally, if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be and why? My lack of confidence in myself! I'm my own worst critic and put myself down far too much especially in football!