Website designed and maintained by Jim Dick To view all the previous winners of the 50/50 Club Click Here If you do not have a ticket , see below (the more tickets purchased, the bigger the prize money) The minimum stake is £5 per month. To obtain an application form please phone George Walker on 07834 222280 or Scott Walker on 07713 164821 Complete the form for a fixed monthly amount of £5 or a multiple thereof drawn on your bank account and made out in favour of Penicuik Athletic Football Club. You will then be allocated a number to be used in every monthly draw until such time as you decide to stop. You will be participating in the 50 50 club knowing that you are directly helping a local community asset. 2012 Winners Jan £250 - Willie McGinley Feb £250 - Jamie Mitchell Mar £250 - Alec Finlayson Apr £250 - May £250 - Jun £250 - Jul £250 - Aug £250 - Sep £250 - Oct £250 - Nov £250 - Dec £250 - Penicuik Athletic on Facebook Penicuik Athletic on Twitter Follow us on Facebook & Twitter