Website designed and maintained by Website4u Grand National Draw - Ticket Holders and Horses HORSE NO. HORSE 1 Lindsay Milne Don’t Push It 2 Grant Killin Tidal Bay 3 Lewis McTaggart What a Friend 4 Alex Paton Vic Venturi 5 Dorothy c/o J.Mumford Majestic Concorde 6 Mary Walker Or Noir De Somoza 7 Keith Barr Dooneys Gate 8 Keith Barr Big Fella Thanks 9 Grant Killin The Tother One 10 Billy Bald(14) Ballabriggs 11 Dean Walker The Midnight Club 12 Mark Smith(10) Niche Market 13 Lynsey Fraser Silver By Nature 14 Helen Mumford Backstage 15 Ryan Gay Chief Dan George 16 Jeff Gray Calgary Bay 17 Alan Mumford Killyglen 18 Eilidh Fraser Oscar Time 19` Willie Watters Quinz 20 Craig Meikle Becauseicouldntsee 21 John Scott Comply Or Die 22 Gavin Milne Quolibet 23 Mark Smith(19) Grand Slam Hero 24 Mark Smith(6) State Of Play 25 Hutch King Fontaine 26 Hutch In Compliance 27 Jimmy Taylor Hello Bud 28 Alison Walker West End Rocker 29 Mike McDermott Santa’s Son 30 John Walker Bluesea Cracker 31 John Mumford That’s Rhythm 32 Evan Fraser Surface To Air 33 Eileen Scott Piraya 34 Hutch Can’t Buy Time 35 Liz Fraser Character Building 36 Mark Smith(15) Ornais 37 Hutch Arbor Supreme 38 Craig Meikle Royal Rosa 39 Andy Penman Skippers Brig 40 Heather Symington Golden Kite HORSE NO. HORSE