Website designed and maintained by Website4u Tell me about your football career? I signed for Bonnyrigg Rose Juniors from Easthouses U-21's. I was at Bonnyrigg for around 6 years in total with a spell at Alloa in between that time. I then signed for Linlithgow Rose 06-07 season and spent 4 years there before signing for Penicuik at the start of this season. Which team did you enjoy playing with most and why? It's a hard one to answer. The Bonnyrigg team that I played in was very successful but I felt we under achieved in the main competitions (League & Scottish). So I would have to say Linlithgow where I won the majors. We had a fantastic team with a big game mentality where we didn't know when we were beat. What would you say was the highlight so far of your career in football? Winning the League and Scottish double in my first year at Linlithgow. Tell me about the managers you have played under? Wullie Pearson (Easthouses U21's) - I'm giving Wullie a mention as he won 4 Scottish Cups in a row there which was some achievement given the turnaround of players at that age group. I played under him for 2 of those wins. Pat Glynn (Bonnyrigg Rose) - Good manager who could always assemble a strong squad and the trophies he won as a manager speaks for itself. Jim Sinnet (Linlithgow Rose) - Excellent man manager, before you went out for the match he would make you feel invincible. Knew when to make subs at the right moments as well. Who influenced you the most and why? I have taken something from all the managers above but the most influential person on my playing career was my dad. What made you decide to sign for Penicuik? I played with Craig at Bonnyrigg and I was looking for a local team. He explained what he had in mind and who he wanted to bring in. Enough said. As a player, what do you look for from your team mates? Commitment, strong mentality and the desire to win and improve. Who do you think will be our main rivals and why? Would have to say Glenrothes and Arniston. Glenrothes are a yo-yo team with lots of Super League experience. Arniston are a good young team who look fit and hungry. What do you personally hope to achieve this year? I want to win promotion. What is the best goal that you have ever scored? I have scored a few goals but the best one I didn't actually finish it. We were playing Tayport at home and both of us were going for the league. Drawing 1-1 with 2 mins to go I picked the ball up in my 18 yard box ran the length of the pitch beating 6 or 7 players before laying it off to Sean Grady who finished it off. The celebrations after that went in were unbelievable. Finally, what are your interests outside football? I enjoy playing a number of other sports especially tennis. Also spending time with my family. An Interview with Mike McDermott