Website designed and maintained by Website4u Tell me about your football career? I started off at Newcastle United, then I went on to play for Glenrothes, Musselburgh, Bonnyrigg and laterally Penicuik. Which team did you enjoy playing with most and why? I enjoyed my time at a few clubs particularly Glenrothes but would definitely say Penicuik, with the exception of last season!!!! I have on the whole been injury free with the exception of last year and that was very frustrating. I play with a good bunch of guys and, after a bad day, it always makes me feel better watching Mieikle train. What would you say was the highlight so far of your career in football? Playing at St James Park for Newcastle for the Youth Team Cup in front of 15k home support was a great experience and also reaching the semi-final of the Scottish with Glenrothes, it's always great to get a good run in the Cup. Tell me about the managers you have played under? I played under Alan Irvine who was great, and he went on to manage Preston and Sheffield Wednesday. I also had a great time with Keith Burgess at Glenrothes who I am sure lives in a house full of mirrors so he can see his reflection. At Musselburgh, I played under Davie McGlynn and Pat Glynn at Bonnyrigg. Who influenced you the most and why? I would say Keith Burgess gave me a lot of encouragement to believe in myself more. I had left full time football and was a bit low, but he gave me a lot of confidence and opportunities to express myself. What made you decide to sign for Penicuik? I wasn't having a good time and not enjoying myself at Bonnyrigg and knew a few guys at Penicuik already. Penicuik has the potential to be a massive junior club and hopefully with results going the right way that will happen and get to where we deserve to be in the not too distant future. As a player, what do you look for from your teammates? To pass the ball to me all time! I am sure the boys would agree I have a small ego. Joking aside, as long as they play to win and believe in themselves we will do very well. We have an excellent team, the best since I have been here and I think the only thing missing sometimes is the belief that we can do very well. What do you personally hope to achieve this year? I personally think the league is gone for us now but we have two excellent opportunities in the East of Scotland and Fife and Lothians Cups. If we can finish top 4/5 in the league and 2 cup wins, I would say that is progress from last year. What is the best goal that you have ever scored? Whilst at Glenrothes we played Oakley in a cup semi final. Into extra time we were drawing 1- 1 and as I couldn't move anymore.... I hit a shot from about 30 yards that went in the top corner of the net - we went on to win 2-1. If you didn't play football what would you do on a Saturday? I would golf and spend as much time as possible with my daughter. Finally, what are your interests outside football? I golf where I can find the time and would play a lot more if I stopped playing football, hopefully getting the handicap down as low as possible! An Interview with Keith Barr