Website designed and maintained by Website4u Tell me about your football career? I played the majority of my youth football with Lochend Boys Club and Leith Athletic where I enjoyed loads of success with both clubs. Then signed for Cowdenbeath were I spent a few years before playing junior football. Spent the last 4-5 years playing junior football between Bonnyrigg, Arniston and Penicuik. Which team did you enjoy playing with most and why? I would have to say Bonnyrigg Rose on the basis that it has been the most successful team I have played for as of late. When you're winning trophies year after year it always makes playing football that little bit more enjoyable. What would you say was the highlight so far of your career in football? There have been a few moments, nothing on the grand scale of winning Scottish Cups or so on but they have meant something to me personally. Scoring the only goal in the final of the East of Scotland Cup for Leith Athletic many moons ago which led to the club winning its first trophy, like to think I was the catalyst for the club achieving what it has. Haha! Couple of others would be winning the East of Scotland with Bonnyrigg against all the odds several years ago with a makeshift team against Hill of Beith in the final. Pushing Linlithgow all the way to the last game of the season to winning the Super league and of course helping Penicuik get promoted into the Premier League! Tell me about the managers you have played under? There's far too many to mention but the ones that probably got the best out of me would be Stevie McLeish (now at Haddington), who was my manager at Cowdenbeath under 21's, and Keith Wright & Mickey Weir who were the 1st team gaffers. Spent two years under Stevie and learnt a hell of a lot in that time, would say I still apply what he taught me today. Keith and Mickey had a completely different slant on management, one would be good cop and the other bad cop (usually Mickey), think he actually enjoyed that role!! One thing's for sure if you weren’t pulling your weight they would let you know about it, and 9 times out of 10 they got a response. Who influenced you the most and why? There have been two major influences for me, one being my family who have always gone out their way to help me in regards to football (I would be here for ever if I mentioned all of what they have done) and the second Eric Cantona. That guy was my hero, absolutely loved him. Even went through a spell of wearing my collar up just to be like him!!!! What made you decide to sign for Penicuik? I knew what to expect with Penicuik, great facilities and extremely well organised, definitely up there with the best in junior game in that aspect. I knew Craig and Brian as well from previous stints at Penicuik and was provided the opportunity to play regular football, that along with the ambition they both had made it an easy decision. As a player, what do you look for from your teammates? One thing – A desire to want to win!! You need to have a changing room that has a hunger to want to win, without it you won’t be successful, it’s as simple as that. What do you personally hope to achieve this year? Well if you had asked me at the start of the season I would have said promotion and a good run in the Scottish however looking at it now I would expect to get to at least one cup final, once you are there you never know. What is the best goal that you have ever scored? Due to the significance of it I would say the goal for Leith Athletic in the cup final. I did score a great goal against Linlithgow a few years ago, but don’t want to go into that as I think Mikey is still having nightmares about me from that game!! If you didn’t play football what would you do on a Saturday? Like a bit of golf so would probably spend more time on the course, weather permitting. Finally, what are your interests outside football? Mainly golf and socialising with mates. An Interview with Grant Killin