Website designed and maintained by Website4u How would you sum up the season The first half of the season was disappointing as we did not play as well as expected. The second half was far better and the team showed exactly what they are capable of. I just wish we had been able to take that extra step and reach a cup final as it is the least the players, the club, and the fans deserved. What pleased you most about our performances this year? The team spirit and will to win shown in the second part of the season was exceptional. We won games that we could easily have accepted we would lose but the players showed a will to win that didn't allow that to happen. That was very pleasing. What disappointed you most? The fact that our league campaign never really took off the way we had hoped remains a disappointment. However, we have a new season to look forward to and we will have the opportunity to make a better challenge. How important and how difficult will it be to replace Brad McKay? The loss of Brad is significant as he has been an excellent player for the club. He will be very difficult to replace but we will manage it. It has been a joy to watch him improve and mature throughout the season and I will certainly watch his career with great interest. We wish him all the best and thank him for his service. Are you looking at possible new signings? Yes. But now is not the right time to say any more. What will you and Craig be doing during the close season? Craig is very active with regards to new players. This is a part of the job that he thrives on and is far better than me at. I, on the other hand, am currently doing pre-season exercises and timing them so that the sessions are all prepared for the coming season. When will you be looking to start pre-season training? Saturday 2nd July is the date that we intend to start pre-season training. What friendlies if any have you lined up? We have games against Rangers(16th July), Hearts(23rd July) and Lothian Thistle. Finally, if with hindsight, you could have changed anything during the season, what would it have been? As you would imagine there are a few things. But, for me, the main thing would have been our approach to the League Cup at the start of the season. Craig and I decided to try to give the players equal game time so they could stake their claim to a starting place for the league campaign. It didn't work. That won't happen again. We will look to play what we consider to be the team best suited to beat our opponents on that particular day. I would like to thank both Bryan and Craig for all the interviews done throughout the season