Website designed and maintained by Website4u Tell me a bit about yourself: At the moment I work as a personal trainer at the Scotsman health club. I love my job as it is very rewarding. I also teach spin, circuits and abz classes most days. I have played football since I was 9 years old. I have won every trophy in junior football apart from the Scottish cup. When did you start playing football? I started playing football when I was about 9 years old for my primary school. I played for the primary 7 class when I was only in primary 4. Who did you first play football with? I started playing football with my primary school and Glenpark Boys Club. What positions have you played in? I have played striker, left midfielder, left wing back, left back, centre midfield Who else have you played with? Salveson Boys Club, St Johnstone, Dunfermline Athletic, East Fife, Forfar Athletic, Kelty Hearts, Bonnyrigg Rose Who were you playing with before you signed for Penicuik? Bonnyrigg Rose How did Penicuik find out about you? I know some of the players at Penicuik after I left Bonnyrigg and was asked to come along to play for them from the old manager Snowy. How have you enjoyed playing with Penicuik? I have enjoyed playing for Penicuik as it is a big club to play for and a club that should be in the super league, playing against the best teams in the super league. Firstly we have to get out the league that we are in. Every team should want to play in the highest league and we are no different. What would say was your best game so far for Penicuik? I think Arniston at home at the end of last year when I played centre midfield and got man of the match from a game that we needed to win. What do you hope to achieve this season? The main goal at the start of the season was to get promotion to the super league. We have to show consistency as a team to achieve this. Which player would you aspire to emulate and why? There is only one hero and that has to be John Robertson. He had that ability of being in the right place at the right time. What are your interests outside football? As a personal Trainer my free time is usually taking up with personal training clients or spin classes so when I do get a little time on my own I like to chill out and relax. I also enjoy going to watch my little brother play for hearts 19's when I get the chance. An Interview with Dean Walker