Website designed and maintained by Website4u How does it feel to be the longest serving Penicuik player? It’s good that I am the longest serving player, but there a quite a few of us that are in the same boat, who  have been there a number of years. I am still enjoying it, so that’s the main thing.   What was your favourite moment with Penicuik? My favourite moment at Penicuik would have to be my first season here when we won the Supplementary Cup against Whitburn in 2004. We weren’t expected to win that night, but we got a great result. What was the best save you have ever made? The best save would be in the same cup competition as the last question; we were playing Dunbar in the semi at Penicuik, and I made a point plank save from 6 yards. As a goalkeeper, what do you expect from your team mates? Just to give 100% when playing – that’s all we can be expected to do. What do you dread as a goalkeeper during a game? Probably making silly errors that cost games. It’s all part of the game, and there have been a few over the seasons, but you just have to learn from them. What do you hope to achieve this season? For us to be pushing for promotion come March / April next year, and to be on a decent run in a few cups. You have recently become a dad - tell us a bit about that. Our daughter Freja was born last year, probably one of the best experiences to date. How has that changed your life? Less nights out, and less sleep! You have just returned from America – How did you enjoy that? We were away to San Francisco, LA and Vegas for our honeymoon. It was great places to visit – certainly would recommend San Francisco if anyone was thinking of going. Finally, tell me something that people won’t know about you. I had the opportunity to play full time in New Zealand back in 2005/6, but decided against it. An Interview with Billy Bald